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Monday, February 4, 2013

Has it really been a year already ?!

Has it really been a year already ?!
Wow the time has just flown by with lots of activity !
My last post was about how disappointed I was having to leave Pixie Glassworks . Well this past spring and summer saw me completing my very own new studio !

Yes that is me! Insulating the walls ! I also did all the drywall , muding ,taping ugh ...sanding and my favorite part Painting

and I didn't stop there ! I also tiled the floors and then installed a exhaust ventilation system .

That took the whole of the summer ! I never really believed I would have my own studio ! Definitely feel accomplished !
Now for the really FUN stuff

It has been 4 months now that I have been in my OWN !!! studio and although we have had some pretty cold nights here in Alberta as long as it doesn't dip down below -15 C ; I am still able to work outside comfortably with the little industrial heater that is mounted on the wall !
Making myself owl friends and for my dread head friends Dread beads ! This year is going to be the BEST by far so excited to see what is going to come out of the kiln next !
Hopefully I will have a moment to keep my blog up to date !