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•:*¨♥¨*:•.I graduated from Emily Carr College of Art way back in 1992 with a love of color and anything with imagination . I was so fortunate to have found my soul partner and to have shared more then a decade raising 6 beautiful vibrant girls and living a creative life . I love to make Art •:*¨♥¨*:•. all forms of Art in many mediums great or small . Art reflects life, Life becomes Art.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stop and Kiss the Tulips !

We are always in such a hurry racing to the grocery store , the graduations, the recitals, for coffee to the library , to exercise class and so it is endless ! Recently I have been incredibly busy creating new works for a upcoming exhibit at The Works in Edmonton Alberta and it has really consumed my every moment not just making things but thinking about making things . In the middle of this flurry of activity is my sweet Novah who without regard to my tight schedule convinced me we needed to go outside even though the sun was not sunny . A break to escape, a moment to share just looking at all the beautiful creations blooming in the light of love. Sunshine is not always necessary to make a flower sweet or to entice a kiss from a 2 year old.I realized in this special moment the beauty that lies in everything is simple we just need to stop and acknowledge it !

So after a lovely break looking at all that is growing outside I was able to return to create more
beautiful treasures under the flame.
If you are in the Edmonton area please come down and visit
The Works at Sir Winston Churchill Square June 25 - July 7
11:30 AM- 9 PM with so much to see I am certain it will be just as beautiful as discovering that first tulip in the garden !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to dress up a Dread ...

Well it seemed to me something new and different . I was trying to think up another use for my really big holed lampwork glass beads , when one of my team mates suggested beads for dreadlocks; wow I love that idea ! When I was in art school I used to stick all sorts of odd things in my hair . I did not have dreads but I did have some very unusual extensions crazy glued in there. So with that in mind I have started to make some of these 1/4 inch hole beads that are very iridescent and would be suitable for a man or woman they are glass so you would not have to ever take them out . I would love to see a whole bunch of these walking around some day !
If you or someone you know are interested check them out at my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/listing/48994336/a-dreadlock-bead-of-lampwork-glass